Early morning in November 6, 2003, a warm encountering happened at the Incheon International airport. Two Vietnamese children, Deuk(13) and Gguin(5) suffering from hereditary heart disease, visited Korea.

In Vietnam, there are many children who are suffering from heart disease but not properly treated because of undeveloped medical skills and heavy charges for operation. So, many sponsoring organizations, including Korea Child P Rotection Foundation, have been supporting the charges for operations for Vietnamese children with heart disease since 2001. As a result, 17 children have received a new life in Korea and went back home.

Deuk and Gguin could not also afford their surgery. However, as the New Life Welfare Foundation, the Korea Child Protection Foundation and the Bucheon Sejong Hospital shared the charges for their operation, they could get the heart surgery in Korea for free. Even though they flew four hours by early morning flight, they looked cheerful, thinking of returning home with healthy body. Still, they looked pale amid bright smiles. Deuk, who has come to Korea alone without being accompanied by his parents, seems like being afraid of surgery, but is full of expectation that he will be able to play with his friends with a healthy body as he wishes.

Gguin expresses her thanks by saying that she would repay the grace she received by becoming a doctor and helping children with heart disease. She was given ac diagnosis of heart disease three months after she was born, but could not even afford to see doctor. Her mother, who had been heartbroken over her child growing little for her illness, said that she had never expected to heceive help from Korea even though her own country could not help her. She expressed her thanks, saying that Korea is a warmhearted country.

She did not forget to express her gratitude to the Chairwoman of the New Life Welfare Foundation for granting her great love. Soon, Deuk and Gguin will undergo operation. Even though the operation may be difficult and complicated because their illness is serious, we believe that the children will endure and overcome it. We all wish them to be able to go back home with a bright and happy smile and run with their friend on the ground.