Love for Humanity from the Love of a Mother

Mothers’ love is the source of happiness. WeLoveU will continue to nourish sustainable peace and make the world of respect for one another. We help people suffering from wars, disasters, diseases, and poverty regain hope and courage and live in peace and happiness.

Creative changes are brought about by people

The true solution to human well-being is people. If we, people, change, the world will change. We regard all humankind as one family with a mother’s love. We hope to make families, communities, countries and the world a warm nest of love, and sow seeds of altruism than individualism or selfishness.


  • 01To help people in need beyond nationality, race, language, and culture
  • 02To protect the environment that a source of well-being, responding to climate change that threatens human well-being
  • 03To reduce disaster risks and prevent them
  • 04To protect the rights of the socially underprivileged such as children, women, senior citizens, and the poor
  • 05To offer substantial help through global networks and systematic humanitarian activities, with our branches and members around the world
  • 06To assist people in pursuing a future-oriented life by supporting the developing countries to stand alone, and through education for children and teenagers
  • 07To provide community people with the opportunities to participate in volunteer services so that they can promote community spirit and realize well-being society
  • 08To enter into partnership with international organizations, governments, institutions, and civil societies, for sustainable human well-being